About Dog Fight 2 Unblocked

Dog Fight 2 is the second edition of the popular flash game where you have to become pilot of the World War 2 military plane and complete different quests. At the beginning of the game the quests are rather simple - for example you have to destroy two enemy plances or clear the air. As you progress you will face ground weapons and much bigger planes. You should make a strategy how to dight against several enemies at a time. If you won't manage to get rid of enemies in time, they will destroy you.

Dog Fight 2 Unblocked also features a multiplayer mode. You can complete missions with your friend of fight against each other. The game is very addictive and it's the main reason of it's popularity. You can now enjoy the compolete edtion of the dog fight 2 game at our website. Remember that the gaming progress is saved automatically here, so just bookmark our website to continue playing later.


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